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We love playing at weddings. Everyone is already in such a wonderful mood but adding great music with a cookin’ live band always makes it a party to remember. From reception ‘go’ to reception ‘whoa’ we are dedicated to providing an entertaining, interactive and joyful musical experience for you and your guests.

Read below for some of what we can offer at your reception.


We believe a live band should be a feature at a wedding party from the very beginning. We are always set-up and ready to play as soon as the reception doors open. We greet the guests with some vibe-setter tunes as they settle into the venue to subtly prepare them for the next phase of the day and a few big hours of dancing! This first bracket of music would usually last about 20-30 minutes before the MC tells us to wind up and prepare for some formalities, often a welcome speech and the introduction of the bridal party.


We certainly enjoy a bit of ‘David Letterman style’ banter between MC and band and are always open to workshopping ideas of how to feature the band throughout the day / night. One of our favourites is an ‘interactive bridal party entrance’ where the band plays the ‘hook’ from a song/s of your choosing as the MC introduces the members of your wedding party (and of course, you and your partner!). This is always lots of fun and allows the band to pump up the volume for a few moments. It brings the whole party together and gives a teaser of what’s to come later on. The dance floor has even been known to kick off for a few songs before you and your partner have even had a chance to sit down!


The advanced musicianship and versatility of an Evergreen band (large or small) allows us to play music through the more relaxed parts of your reception without being too loud. Keeping it entertaining, engaging but unintrusive! This may be during entrées or dinner or just while there is a break in the formalities / speeches. Sometimes we will even rove around the room acoustically with our instruments. Surrounding a couple of tables at a time with guitars, singers and brass to serenade them while they eat.


Whether it’s a ballad or a banger, the band will learn and perform your selected ‘first dance'. Some couples choose to dance as soon as they enter, others wait until after the speeches and others like to incorporate it into the party sets. Whenever you choose to do it, having live musicians play for you as you dance makes it a very special experience.


Formalities are done, it’s time to party, and we are on a mission to fill your dancefloor until the lights come on. Kids, cousins, aunties, uncles, schoolmates, uni-mates, workmates, parents, grandparents and random 'plus ones' will be singing and dancing to our roaring Evergreen party band. We have plenty of party tunes in our tried and tested wedding repertoire, from this we'll be able to put together an excellent selection of tunes which is guided by your musical preferences. So whether you're a hipsters, tripsters, old rockers or teenyboppers there will be tracks for you.


We started "The Evergreen Collective" because we're passionate about bringing "bands" back to weddings... big bands! The full strength collective scales right up to a 13 piece. The band looks and sounds spectacular and raises the roof with lots of vocal harmonies, a swingin’ horn section and a full rhythm section.  The full line-up makes for an epic delivery of some of the biggest tunes from Elvis, to Marvin Gaye, to Earth Wind and Fire, to Bryan Adams, to Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Daft Punk, to ABBA, to Pharrell (to name just a few!). If having all 13 of us seems a bit over the top for your wedding, we do of course offer smaller outfits that may be more suited. A 7 piece band is our most common middle ground as it still gives you a decent share of the musical elements and versatility of the full band. 


At a standard reception we would normally play 4 brackets of music over the space of about 5 hours. Often two entree / dinner style sets and two big party sets. Where the sets occur and their exact length will be tailored to fit with your run sheet. Working with you to sort out set times and other logistics is best done with a face to face meeting at Evergreen HQ in Brookvale. It's always nice to meet our clients in person before the day!


Once you've enlisted all of the necessary services for a wedding the total bill can really add up. We completely understand this but all we can say is that you won't regret forking out for some excellent live music entertainment!  We'll work with you to come up with a package that fits with your musical vision and your budget.  Fill in our booking / enquiry form to get us started.

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