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We’ve played wedding ceremonies in backyards and vineyards, tiny chapels and large cathedrals, forests, fields, paddocks, piers, barns, boats and beaches. Having live musicians to accompany this part of the day makes for a smooth, stress free, musically unique and even more special ceremony for you and your guests.


What you want to have played at your wedding is completely up to you. We strongly encourage couples to choose their ceremony music with no input from us at first, but we will consult closely with you as your selections develop. A standard civil service will usually feature 3 or 4 pieces of music which we will learn at your request. Whether it be classical, pop, jazz or traditional folk music we have an amazing team of musicians who can bring your selections to life with a unique arrangement just for you. Having the musicians play some light instrumental music prior to the ceremony while people gather is also a lovely touch and included in our service.


There are several options for the ensemble/band line-up at your ceremony. Duos, trios and quartets are the most common selections. These smaller ensembles are often centred around a guitar / piano and a vocalist. The addition of a third and fourth member to the ensemble; perhaps a violin, mandolin, cello, saxophone or upright bass, allows for a fuller sound with more musical textures. Your music selections may influence the kind of ensemble we recommend, but we will consult with you through the whole process to achieve the best line-up possible. We have an amazing network of musicians which allows us to provide everything from opera singers, to accordions, string quartets and brass bands, so anything is possible!

Wedding Table Arrangement
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