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Adult Tuition

Evergreen has a wonderful community of adult students ranging from absolute beginners to professionals of all ages.

Whether you’re picking up music for the first time, coming back to an instrument you once learned, or wanting to further your skills and musical development as an established musician, whatever your goals, Evergreen will be able to help.

The Evergreen Music teaching team is made up of experienced professional musicians who are also extremely passionate music educators.

Our fully equipped teaching studio in Brookvale is a vibrant and creative space for our tutors to deliver a truly positive and effective musical learning experience for you.

Evergreen teaching ‘seasons’ happen in 4 x 10 week blocks throughout the year.
Our 2024 rates (incl GST) for a private lesson is $55 for 30 minutes or $105 for 60 minutes.

A weekly lesson is the best way to develop your skills however we offer plenty of flexibility around your schedule with some students choosing to do lessons fortnightly or sporadic lessons perhaps around work / travel.

Each ‘season’ we hold a (low-key) performance evening which gives people an opportunity to share their musical experiences with each other.

Other weekly musical / social happenings for adults include...


a casual choir for people who enjoy singing


a jam night for anyone who plays an acoustic instrument.


Both of these evenings are open to adults of all ages and abilities.

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