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School Holiday Programs

A break from school shouldn't mean a break from music. 

Instead it's an opportunity to fill your whole day with it!

If your kids love music there's no better option than our Evergreen Holiday Programs. Our themed workshops are a great space for kids to make new friends, be exposed to music they haven't heard before and use their voice/instrument to do what it's best for ... make music with others!

Over 3 days we explore the history, fashion, attitude, culture and personalities behind a specific style of music. With the help of 'musical mentors' from the Evergreen Team, participants are given coaching specific to their instrument and as part of a band/group to eventually perform for their friends and families at a 'gig' on the final evening. 

Some of the styles we have covered so far include: DISCO,  Rockabilly, 80'sFlower POwer,  Motown,  HARD ROCKReggaePunkand  Surf-Rock!

Our programs are designed to be fun but have also tricked many unsuspecting children into learning something new AND practicing their instrument during the school holidays. For many, it's a musical awakening, where the purpose of learning music suddenly clicks. 

Another step in becoming a 'musician for life'. 

Contact for more information.

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