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Almost all of the weddings we play include a canapes / cocktail hour at some point in the day, and we love complementing it with live music. The casual interaction the guests have with the musicians during this time is always special and sets up the tone for an awesome party with a great vibe.

We provide canapes music that is engaging but unintrusive, allowing guests to enjoy the tunes and their conversation simultaneously.

An Evergreen duo, trio, or quartet would be a wonderful backing for your canapes set. Quite often canapes will happen immediately after the ceremony in the same location or somewhere close by, perhaps on a lawn or terrace. In this case it’s common for the ceremony musicians to simply shift their position and continue playing.

One of our favourite offerings during this time is to get the full (unplugged) band to rove around the party. This means we bring the horn section, upright bass, a snare drum with brushes and maybe even an accordion to get the place boppin’ without being too loud. The set list is still very much comprised of accessible and popular tunes but with the flavour of a street performance in New Orleans! As always, more musicians means a fuller sound with more musical textures and versatility, and is even more entertaining to watch. If you’ve booked the band for your reception, injecting all of us into an earlier canapes set is a great option and one of the things we do best.

Wedding Potpourri
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