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What's Evergreen?

At its core Evergreen Music is about community. Like a sports club but with MUSIC at the centre, it's a place where people of all ages and abilities feel comfortable to engage and interact with music.


From tuition, to live performance to corporate workshops to community jams and singalongs we love connecting with people through music in all of its forms. We work closely with some of Sydney's finest professional musicians but we certainly celebrate the amateur! 

Evergreen HQ is located in Brookvale on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Set foot in our studios and you'll be welcomed by a vibrant, joyful and creative space as well as a very friendly team of passionate musicians, educators and community minded people.

Everyone is welcome in the Evergreen Music community!

Why ‘Evergreen’?

From indoor plants to freight companies, you won’t struggle to find an ‘Evergreen’ in just about any industry. By no means an original name for a business but a word we couldn’t go past when trying to sum up our music philosophy.

We believe that engaging with music is one of the most enjoyable human experiences. It’s clear to us that people have an innate love and appreciation for music. We support music in our society, not just as an art form but as a part of culture and life.

Being ‘musicians for life’ is what we’re all about. This phrase doesn’t refer at all to the music profession, a particular skill level or having any formal music training whatsoever. We believe anyone who engages with music is a musician. Evergreen offers the opportunity for musicians to deepen their understanding and appreciation of music so they can interact with it on a whole new level to maximise the joy that it brings. Our hope is for people to experience that joy every day, all year round, for the rest of their lives… thus… Evergreen!

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