Private Tuition

Teaching ‘MUSIC’ is no simple task. The world of music is so wonderful and expansive it can be difficult to know where to start or which ‘path’ to take.


There are many ways to approach learning the art of music, and the skill of playing a particular instrument. There’s also a range of ways individuals learn, their varying and changing musical preferences as well as their personal goals and expectations.


We’ve taken all these factors into account and assembling a team of experienced, talented and passionate music tutors, who are dedicated to providing the most effective and enjoyable learning experience possible.


Each member of our Evergreen Team specialises in different areas specific to instrument, genre, learning style, age and experience.

Community and collaborative music learning is so important to us, and all our teachers are all equipped to conduct lessons at our studios (face-to-face) as well as  remotely via zoom.

Our lessons run in 'seasons' (pretty much in line with public school terms).

Evergreen is certainly a fun and interactive place to engage with music, and we offer a high standard of music education with a holistic approach, aiming to create "musicians for life!". 


Our 2022 rates are $48 per half hour lesson billed in term blocks. This would normally include an end of 'season' concert at the end of each school term, and also run a 'mid-season' workshop which is a fun (and educational) jam with large groups of our students.


2022 Teaching Seasons

Our private teaching seasons run in line with the NSW public school terms, and we welcome new students throughout the term.


Lessons are not held on NSW Public Holidays or NSW School Holidays.

Summer Season (10 weeks)

February 1 - April 9

Autumn Season (10 weeks)

April 26 - July 2

Winter Season (10 weeks)

July 19 - September 24

Spring Season (9 weeks)

October 10 - December 10

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Watch this video showcasing our incredible 2020 teaching team and all of the instruments we teach here at Evergreen!