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Preschool Music

Kids are like sponges...and we're here to help them 'soak up' as much music as possible at an early age! We help unlock the innate musicality inside your child’s body and mind, to kick start their journey as musicians for life.

In 2023, we are launching a revised program with 3 streams specifically tailored for our mini musicians. Facilitated by the delightful Angie Who, parents and children will bond while having fun making music.

Angie is an accomplished independent artist, and you may have heard some of her original music (Littlefolk released in 2015, and I Love You The Most in 2020) or heard her on Kinderling Kids radio (where she hosts the podcast "Sing-A-Song") .  

WHERE: Evergreen Music Studios, Brookvale

COST: $20 per session/child (pre-booking required)

(Classes dependent on minimum number of enrolments)

All Preschool Sessions run for approx 40 minutes (Lullaby Club will run for approx 30 minutes), and are capped at a max of 12 participants (and parents/carers).

LULLABY CLUB (for children 0 - 1 year of age)

For centuries we have been singing lullabies to our babes and research now tells us this simple act can have a profound effect on stress levels, bonding & connection, and overall wellbeing for babies AND ourselves.

Singing is also known to release endorphins and relax your body, so why not sneak in a group sing with other parents and their little ones!

Lullaby Club is a place for parents with babes in arms to reconnect with some known lullabies and learn some new ones. You will be equipped with songs for bonding, transitions, settling and sleeping.


Tuesday: 11.30am

Thursday: 11.30am

LITTLE LITTLE LEAVES (for children 1 - 3 years of age)

Little Little Leaves is the next stage of our preschool classes, where song, rhythm and play helps motivate and activate little bodies to sway, bounce, bob up and down, move their hands to rhythms, or even walk to a beat.

Studies show that when parents and young children engage with music it helps stimulate the brain in developing motor skills and to also be more open in listening, understanding and communicating/language.


Tuesday: 9.30am

Thursday: 9.30am

LITTLE LEAVES (for children 4 - 5 years of age)

Our Little Leaves sessions are specifically targeted for those aspiring mini muso's looking for and introduction to learning music in a warm and friendly environment. Parents and children in this age group explore different musical concepts through song, movement and playing instruments.


Tuesday: 10.30am

Thursday: 10.30am

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL and can be done by simply completing the booking form.

Full Program Information and T&Cs can be found here

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