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In Love With The 80's Music Workshop

There’s no denying it…everyone (secretly) is In Love With The 80’s. From HIP HOP to GLAM ROCK to SUPER POP, the 80's was a decade filled (in)excess with hits from all different styles of music. Everything was over the top…from bright clothes, to big hair, hammer pants and most importantly lots of new music sounds. Be ready for power drumming, guitar shredding, bubble gum vocals and plenty of synthesizers these school holidays!

Over 3 days we'll look at the history, the people, and of course the many sub genres that make the 80's sound so distinctive. Participants will learn new techniques on their instruments, some music theory specific to 80's and play lots of iconic 80's music.

The main focus of our camps is to break off into small bands coached by members of our amazing Evergreen teaching team. These bands all learn different songs to perform at a 'gig' for family and friends on last day of camp. Expect to learn new tunes, fall in love with 80's music and make lots of new friends!


80's artists like Cindi Lauper, Beastie Boys, Guns 'n' Roses, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, AC/DC, Madonna, Wham!, New Order, Roxette, Bon Jovi, The Buggles ...the list goes on and on!!


Morning tea and lunch are provided by Evergreen, but be sure to fill in the ‘Dietary Requirements’ on the booking form. (If you’re a fussy eater it might be best to bring some of your own food).


Evergreen Music Studios

Unit 11A, Winbourne Industrial Estate, Brookvale


We will be running 2 separate camps over these holidays:

* Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th April 2021

* Tuesday 13th - Thursday 15th April 2021

9am - 3pm each day (with a 6.30pm evening performance on the Thursday night -pending covid guidelines)


Rates for 3 day program

* 1st Child $360

* additional sibling/s ($330) (per child)

IN LOVE WITH THE 80's MUSIC CAMP is not to be missed.

But numbers ARE limited….so BOOK NOW!

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