About Us

Evergreen Music is a music community on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Brookvale. We believe that engaging with music is one of the most enjoyable human experiences, so we have created an environment where music can be learnt, practiced, and created but most importantly…..shared with others.


Evergreen Music started in 2011 by Ben Marshall and Debora Mauro. Our personal and combined musical experiences, as well as our professional development gave us the passion and the courage to take on the task of ‘teaching music’. To help us with this task we have assembled a fine group of young, enthusiastic and inspiring tutors to cater for a wide range of musical tastes and learning styles.


As an ‘Evergreen Team’ we are constantly developing and refining the art (and science) of teaching, to maximise and personalize the learning of all of our students. Alongside learning your instrument, expect to meet other musicians, make friends and become part of our community!

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